Manage Your Online Reputation

Reviews and ratings play a crucial role when it comes to customer’s decision in picking one business over the other. Today’s digital consumers value reviews online before buying or visiting a particular business. Hence, you cannot afford to ignore customer reviews on your local listings. Data across thousands of locations tells us that business locations that garner more reviews, better ratings and are prompt in responding to customers perform far better in local search than the ones which lack these parameters. With SingleInterface, you can monitor reviews in such a way that you never miss any feedback from customers.

Better Review Management, Higher Conversions

Potential customers in “buying mode” are always on the lookout for a new store to visit and an easy way to research & evaluate their options online. This has become all the more relevant in the post pandemic world, where more and more customers explore their options online and want to be sure before visiting a store. Once a customer reaches your location listing and sees prompt replies from the brand, it gives them the confidence to trust your business. High number of reviews, good ratings, prompt replies - all serve as positive signals for customers and encourage them to take prompt actions and choose your business over others in the vicinity.

Positive Loop of More Reviews, Higher Discoverability

By improving your location's discovery, you kick in a positive loop of getting more reviews which in turn results in improving discovery. Higher the reviews & better the ratings for your location, higher will be the search impressions and consumer actions it will garner.

Centralize or Decentralize - Have Complete Control, Always.

Customize user roles, workflows, and notifications for easy reputation management that is efficient and in line with your communication strategy. With our review management dashboard, you are always in control. You can decide to manage review responses centrally through our AI powered sentiment based automated response templates or give specific access to your teams at a local level to respond to each review manually through our SI dashboard.

Proactively Monitor Trends by keeping an Ear to the Ground.

With insights from customer reviews, spot areas of concern in different locations and use these insights to foresee future problem areas at other locations. These insights can help you resolve customer issues proactively at a location level and give you an edge over your competitors. Get a bird's eye view of what’s happening on the ground