Each Location is a Unique Business.

We believe every physical location is unique and shall be treated that way. Your brand may have a national presence, but your business locations compete with local businesses for local customers . Competition, demographics, preferences, weather conditions, festivals, offers, product mix, inventory all change at a location level. Each of your locations thus needs a place of its own on the web.

Get Noticed at a Local Level for “Near Me” Searches

When your brand is optimised at a local level to get discovered in the moments that matter, it will lead to higher business for you. When someone searches for your services or products, it's important that they are able to find your nearest location and make a purchase easily. Our highly optimised and easy-to-use store locator facilitates this discovery. You may have thousands of business locations but what matters the most to your customers are the locations in their vicinity that are easily accessible through a couple of clicks. Our platform makes sure we bring all your locations right in the forefront for your local target audience.

Local Stores. Local Presence. Local Interactions.

Getting discovered digitally by potential customers plays a critical role in the success of your business. Most customer journeys start with a simple search, and if your business locations do not have a presence on search you are missing out on a huge customer acquisition opportunity. At SingleInterface, we use our proprietary technology to build highly optimised and mobile ready pages for each of your business locations. Use these pages to enable interactions between customers and your business locations. By bridging the gap between the online discovery and offline interactions, your physical locations can compete with e-commerce & grow their business from local shoppers.

Building location level pages also gives you an opportunity to provide a great experience for your customers. You can enhance these pages with location relevant content such as business hours, payment methods accepted, parking availability, products, local offers, in-stock inventory etc. This will also increase your business’ local SEO rankings because of the relevant data & content you now have on your location pages.