Collaborate with Controlled Decentralization

With SingleInterface, leverage the expertise of your local managers, maintain brand compliance in events like hours of operation, and keep customers informed at every stage by making sure they know about any ongoing special offers at a local level that would make them want to visit your business.

User Roles - Central, Regional and Local

From local level admin, regional managers to brand managers, brand control is critical when you empower your teams. SingleInterface's flexible workflows support the processes and controls of your business so that location managers can have as much or as little responsibility for their data fields-from requesting edits to approving a change in any field including wordsmithing brand responses online.

Automate, What Can Be Automated.

With SingleInterface’s direct integrations, we can automatically update your location data across all platforms. You don't have to worry about updating holiday information or features of interest because they can be just posted for you on a designated date and time!