Get Discovered in Moments that Matter, Across Platforms.

The “Near Me” experience is no longer just about a physical location. Today, when consumers search for brands near them, they have the world of digital at their fingertips, hence, it is important now more than ever, to deliver an effortless 'Near me' brand experience across all touchpoints - be it search engines, Maps, Apps, Local Web Directories, Social Media Platforms or Voice Assistants. If they can’t discover you, they will not be able to transact with you.

Centralized Control of Listings Through Our Local Cloud.

Keeping your local listings up-to-date across the digital ecosystem consisting of maps, search engines, social platforms, voice assistants, directories can be extremely time consuming for brands to manage efficiently. However, with SingleInterface, you can manage all your locations from a single source with absolute ease. By centrally managing your location data across your own assets such as website store locator, third party assets like listings on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Facebook, Instagram and other directories, you make sure there is always a single source of truth for all your brand information on the digital ecosystem. You will no longer have to worry about incorrect information on your location’s listings leading to bad customer experiences.

Always Accurate & Consistent.

The more accurate your location data across the digital ecosystem, the better are your chances to get more customers. Potential customers may be able to discover your location listings, but all effort will go in vain if the information listed about the directions of your location, phone numbers etc are inaccurately listed. Inaccurate information on location listings not only means potential loss of business, but also leads to loss of trust in your business. 61% ( Source - thinkwithgoogle study) of customers lose trust in a brand if information provided is incorrect and are willing to consider visiting a competitor's location. Consumers blame the brand, not the Search Engine, if data is incorrect.

Consistent data across the digital ecosystem is also a very strong signal to search engines on the authenticity of your business’ data resulting in a better quality score and thus higher rankings & impressions.

Boost Your Location Presence on Social Media.

Facebook offers businesses immense potential to grow and interact with their customer base. Ensure that you are able to leverage this power by creating and managing your location pages through our platform! Through SingleInterface, we map each of your locations and connect them to your brand page on Facebook. Potential customers visiting your facebook profile can easily browse through your location pages. Your brand has complete control over communication that happens on these pages. It can be driven by the brand page centrally, or each location location page could have its own customized, locally relevant content. Once your business locations are pinned on Facebook’s ecosystem, it can be used across Facebook & Instagram. This ensures that customers always check-in or tag your accurate business location pages, thereby improving engagement and credibility of your presence on social media.

Gain Higher visibility in Local Search Ranking

As a national brand, your brand website may have great visibility and presence. But what about your businesses' physical locations? Do they appear when a potential customer searches for your brand or your product/service offering near their location? If they do appear, are they optimised to lead a potential customer through the conversion path. If you find yourself responding with a “NO” to any of these questions, that means that you are struggling to get your locations rank higher up in searches or get discovered in the moments that matter! Using our proprietary automation & AI engine, our platform - SingleInterface, makes sure your local business gets the opportunity it deserves to convert high intent digital customers. As we publish your location data and content through our partner publisher network including Google Maps, Bing Maps, Facebook, Instagram, Factual, Foursquare etc. we make sure your locations keep gaining a higher share of voice on local search & discovery, resulting in more leads & footfalls.

We help You Tidy Up - No More Duplicate Listings on Google Maps

Ever wondered why your business locations have multiple listings on Google Maps or Facebook? Google Maps and Facebook are public platforms relying to a large extent on user generated suggestions to keep improving the customer experience. As a brand, you have the opportunity to claim & verify your business listings so that you can take control of your location’s listings. Working through our platform, which uses industry-leading technology, we frequently run our tools to check for duplicate listings mirroring your actual location and act on merging or suppressing these listings so you can go about your business without any worries. With a single authentic & accurate listing representing your retail location, you can deliver a seamless customer experience as well.

Be Prepared for Uncertainty and Keep Your Customers Informed using COVID-19 Posts on GoogleMyBusiness

To ensure your customers feel safe and prepared when they visit your business location, share updates through COVID-19 posts on GoogleMyBusiness to highlight services, security policies, hotlines, protocols and product availability. Through our platform, you can manage posts across multiple locations from a single source, thus helping you navigate the complexity of each location during these uncertain times.