Build Brand Affinity. Generate sales Lead. Drive Sales.

With a 400%* increase in searches for “dealer near me” and every 2 out of 3 car buyers using search to locate dealers, maintaining national brand integrity while driving local customer engagement is the need of the hour. Our location presence management tool amplifies the geo-targeted brand presence to excel in the local market.

Our platforms are easy to integrate with your existing systems across dealerships making it easier for you & your partners across 4 wheeler/2 wheeler/commercial vehicle dealerships to create an omnichannel experience and positively influence your “In-market” customers. Our product deployment will help your customers move seamlessly on an online to offline journey

Accelerate your online discovery and drive up your sales.

Our hyperlocal marketing platform enables your dealerships to be digitally active and drive their visibility by featuring in relevant searches . It’s important to be seen when a potential customer is in the “buying” mode.

We see that post a “ Near me” search, the consumer expresses a need with service/ product and proactively asks for a solution - 52%* goes to the dealer website, 48%* goes to locate a dealer and 45%* schedules a test drive. These Industry level attributes are integrated as tangible KPI’s in our system so you never miss on a sales lead.

76%*of people who search on their smartphone visit a dealership within a day. As your dealerships convert these potential customers to buyers, our platform makes sure that you are able to maintain the Brand credibility, consistency and prominence throughout the journey.

Using automation & AI, your location data management and enhancement across the digital ecosystem with non-duplicated and up-to -date location information including the brand and dealer’s name, contact details, visiting hours, relevant photos, local offers and services availability. This automatically increases the chances of higher discovery in search results on prominent Search Engines, Maps, Directories, Voice Assistants and Social Media platforms.

Hold the key to your Customer’s heart.

Before visiting a dealership 32%^ people look for reviews and 91%# Users read at least 1 review online before they make a purchase decision.That's where SingleInterface ensures that our AI driven review dashboard is loaded with autoresponders and sentiment analysis ensures that the Sales Managers don’t miss out on a single review.

Listen and analyse customer trends to ensure best in class service not only at the dealerships but from the point when the user thinks of buying a vehicle. A business that responds promptly to all reviews has a higher chance of higher rankings in search results and thus will be able to drive a higher number of enquiries from customers in Buying Mode.

Increase Conversions & acquire new customers

The consumers are looking for a Phygital experience and almost 82%** expect an instant response before visiting a dealership.

Consumers are looking for a seamless transition from online interactions to offline conversations. They are looking for a well connected phygital experience. When they discover your dealerships online, they want to connect with them through voice call or chat instantly. They want digital tools like price configurator, appointment booking or buying online from the dealers website. When they visit the dealerships they expect the experience to continue where they left online.

If you are a Marketing Manager / Regional Sales Manager/ Area Sales Manager / Dealership Manager our specially curated online to offline dashboard with insights and analytics helps you to track the calls coming to your dealerships through digital channels. You can thus track the complete funnel from searches to leads and retails.

With our multi award winning hyperlocal paid marketing platform “Spotlight” reduces the time lag between customer intent and conversation with the dealerships by sending Calls & leads directly to dealerships almost instantaneously. Create,manage & report highly targeted hyperlocal campaigns on Google & Facebook network efficiently leading to improved ROI. Our proprietary tool - Smart Landing Pages helps significantly in conversion rate optimization ( CRO ) by creating multiple dynamic landing pages for each of your dealerships. These pages can be configured as per different products or promotions integrating various call to actions. Thousands of landing pages help reduce your CPLs drastically. It’s all plug and play.

Smart integrations

SingleInterface comes with seamless integrations with your existing Lead Management Systems / Dealer Management Systems / CRM tools. Display real time location specific list of models/pricing and offers on your Google My Business listings and location pages using APIs.

Reduce lag time between a Customer's search intent & test drives by integrating across systems available at a location/customer service availability/ servicing slots/special offers/ events/book appointment/ test drives and more. It would help you to enhance your digital touchpoints and ensure less crowded dealerships to strengthen your fight against coronavirus.

Scope of services

  • Automated solution to ensure correct and consistent information/ across each Dealership and service centre to help consumers connect with your dealerships in “Near me “ searches.
  • Ability to broadcast location specific updates and Information, offers , videos, images and posts in national or regional language.
  • Simplify your local interactions by being present across all relevant touch points such as search engines, social media, directories and navigation platforms with accurate information.
  • Increase conversions by layering a precise location targeting along with highly optimized landing pages & facilitating an instant & direct interaction with dealers through voice & chat.
  • Fast and trustworthy AI-driven review management platform to respond to reviews at brand level or delegate to your dealership.
  • Single dashboard specially created for Marketing & Sales managers to keep track of key KPI across dealerships as clicks, phone calls,test drive bookings and ratings all from a single window.
  • Advanced user management to help you manage and delegate rights across different entities/levels.

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Build Trust. Engage Instantly.Increase Service utilization

Banking is a growing sector which has seen widespread adoption in recent years but financial inclusion levels are low. The reason for this is that users don't have enough information readily available about their banking needs. To connect with today’s banking customers who are increasingly turning to search for information online with searches such as “Banks near me”, / “ATM near me” / “locker available near me”. Adopt a digital first strategy, backed by innovation and build a platform that allows for continuous customization to cater to their needs and give them a seamless online to offline experience.

Enrich Your Listings and Drive More Customers to Your Bank

Assist customers who are searching for a bank or ATM near them by establishing your online presence across a global network of publishers. Ensure that your branch timings, banking services, holiday calendar, social-distancing protocols are in line with covid-19 so that customers have their initial queries addressed online before they visit your bank branch.

There has been a 2x* growth in queries related to online saving account opening and 3x*growth queries regarding saving account interest rate which depicts that a strong online discoverability would ensure that customers visiting a branch are informed and have a higher probability to transact, open an account or apply for other services. The SingleInterface platform ensures your branch visibility online continues to strengthen by maintaining consistent and accurate information about your branches across all locations and also ensuring that when a generic search happens your probability to feature in the search results increases . Our duplicate listings suppression tool also ensures that customers never get incomplete or incorrect information about your branches/ATMs that may lead to poor customer experience.

Build trust and transparency

Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, be proactive and reach users early on in their purchase journeys. Understanding what today’s banking customers are looking for is the first step as it helps to provide them with useful information along the way. At SingleInterface we ensure that we provide you regulatory body complaint solutions so that you may further enable your branch managers to engage with customers at a local level and even using local language.

Be it offers, availability of bank resources, ATM’s operating hours,covid protocols to resolving their queries and respond to their feedback online all the while maintaining brand level access using a centralized dashboard. This enables you to create a focused hyperlocal strategy that results in better customer experience and therefore, higher rankings on search.

(Transaction) Bank More Customers Online and Increase Conversions Offline

Higher search rankings mean more online traffic, which can then lead to higher potential of conversions. Our location pages are built to win attention on mobile with responsiveness, keyword relevance, speed and various call to actions as our top performance criteria. We have seen Customers offline actions being influenced by their online behaviour with 88%* customer , after making a local business search on mobile, call or visit the business .

Using features like “open an account, prompting users to fill up a lead form, calling the nearest branch etc. or getting directions to their nearest ATM enables you to leverage the power of customer intent at the right time. Assist them to take action in their moment of decision making and turn that around into a seamless banking experience,by driving online traffic and translating that into more offline acquisitions.

Smart Integrations

We provide several smart integrations for your banks and ATMs, all while maintaining safety protocols. Update the Live ATM status (open/ closed) in real time along with services available at the ATM such as cardless cash withdrawal, braille enabled ATM etc. Enable customers to find IFSC Codes and MICR codes for the nearest bank branches with ease by creating IFSC Codes pages at a location level.

Create location specific service availability information related to core banking as account opening , offers, lock availability, ATM in branch along with availability of loans and other financial services so that you are able to address initial queries online and reduce the load on existing banking resources. and Add the various Services at a location level on individual branch / ATM microsites such as availability of lockers, home loan, ATM in branch and more and equip customers with all the information they might need before visiting or calling your bank branch.

Scope of Service

  • Manage, enhance and publish accurate and consistent information for thousands of locations across our publisher partners including search engines, maps, and social media platforms.
  • Update all relevant information across listings about the services you offer and let potential customers know why you stand out.
  • Use our dashboard to get insights, track and evaluate the performance of banks and ATMS across locations.
  • Understand where the maximum traffic comes from and leverage on these data points to increase revenue streams.
  • Never miss another review, feedback or query, and stay connected with customers through various touch points such as Automated Review Response templates on our dashboard, Google Messaging, leads integrated through API and more.
  • Use our automated ticketing solution to see red flags before they escalate. Rectify and update all information through our platform with a click of a button and ensure customers continue to experience a seamless brand experience

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Financial Services

Get Discovered. Empower Customers. Accelerate Growth

Meet potential customers with high-intent while they are looking for stock brokers, mutual funds, insurance companies etc. located near them and play a part in influencing their purchase decision. Post the pandemic, more people are turning to digital solutions for a range of financial needs. Hence, having a hyperlocal digital strategy in place will enable you to demonstrate to customers that you are committed to simplify their journey towards a secure financial life – especially during these uncertain times.

Get Listed. Get Found

More and more people have started looking for banking and investment solutions online. According to a recent Google study, mobile queries that contain “health insurance near me” have grown by 121%, “life insurance near me” has increased by 73%*, personal loan queries have spiked and mutual funds queries have increased by 75%*. With BFSI-related searches having gone up by more than 60%, using location data management to improve ROI and enhance customer experience is the need of the hour.

The SingleInterface platform enables you to seamlessly assist potential customers to find an insurance company, best policies, gold loans etc. near their location. For customers this leads to a frictionless experience and for businesses this leads to higher lead volumes and consequently greater ROI. Our hyperlocal marketing for financial services is specially tailored for businesses like you, prioritising customer and client satisfaction. As financial planning and management continues to grow in mobile searches, it is important for you to optimize your local presence by having consistent, accurate and verified data across search, maps and social media platforms

Walk the Customer journey to engage better

Our location specific and locally relevant microsites make it extremely easy for you to engage with prospective customers by providing them with information they may be looking for. From opening a demat account, to looking for a loan agency nearby; our content-rich landing pages are a one-stop destination for your branches that enable you to engage with customers at various stages of their customer journeys. API integrations ensure that data is centrally managed and accurately published across all microsites. We also create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP versions) of these pages to ensure they become highly discoverable on search engines.

Engaging with customers through responding to their feedback is also essential to create trust between customers and your brand at a branch/location level. Our centralized dashboard makes it easier for you to engage with customers at scale and improve their experience, while having complete control over the brand by using our multi-level access feature for everyone engaging with customers right from the corporate level to branch level.

Turn visitors into transactors

Drive more customers with location level information, make use of API integrations to track verified leads, create local pages for personal loans, push customers to open a demat account at the click of a button – all through our platform.

This reduces friction in the customer journey and enables them to make informed decisions. Attract your nearest client and enhance your "Near Me" presence with a few simple steps and enhance your discoverability with a massive increase in customer acquisition. Conversions have never been this easy!

Smart Integrations

Use our smart chatbots to address customer queries, respond to them in real time and accelerate conversions. Virtual masking numbers enable you to understand and track the entire customer journey right from the time they decide to engage with you till the time you have acquired them. This enables you to build processes at scale, train people at a branch level and understand the pain points of customers in the whole process - thereby enabling you to turn around more potential visitors into customers and increasing your overall ROI.

API integrations to track end to end leads provides a focused approach to target customers with high intent, looking for your products and services near them.

Scope of Services

  • Update location level information of your branches such as best investment plans, offers on loans, hours of operations and more across on our microsites.
  • Accelerated Mobile pages make the customer journey more efficient and drive customer acquisition on mobile.
  • Establish your digital presence across all local directories, apps and maps and strengthen your brand reputation
  • Know what customers are saying about your brand and engage with them in real-time.
  • Use your analytics tool to gain actionable insights and take strategic decisions to improve online to offline conversions.

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Get Found. Engage. Increase Order Conversions

Get Discovered Online!

Your potential customers are constantly looking for restaurants, food deliveries and takeaway options near them. Customers want to find out their favorite restaurants and chains near them when the craving strikes! Get a competitive edge by optimizing your digital presence with all of your restaurant locations so that more customers can be directed right to you when craving strikes.

Drive your Visibility and lead the local SEO:

You may have great food and service, but do people know about it? Having visibility when potential customers are searching for menus, special offers, phone numbers etc. of a restaurant near them is what matters today. Have complete control over your digital presence by using our platform to publish, update and maintain accurate information across all search and social media platforms and ensure that customers can not only find you, but also see pictures of your restaurants, get information on the health and hygiene protocol being followed in line with covid-19, call and reserve a table and more. Stand out and make a mark by grabbing customer attention.

Use our platform to create landing pages for each of your restaurant locations and ensure users get to see offers and other information relevant to their location in order to maximize visibility online and convert more people into walk-in clients. Elevate the “Near Me” brand experience through our hyperlocal marketing platform, which is a one-stop solution to leverage the power of local search.

Engage with Your Customers to Create the Optimal Experience

The Food and beverage industry is fiercely competitive. Whether you are a fine-dine restaurant or a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) such as a coffee shop, a takeaway or a delivery restaurant- engaging with your customers first hand is a crucial strategy to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Receive instant email alerts when customers review your restaurants or engage with your brand on social media. Our intuitive dashboard classifies reviews based on sentiment and hence makes it easier for you to analyse and understand what customers like and dislike about your service and engage with them. Providing quick and helpful responses not only expresses your commitment to providing a seamless experience, but also builds trust and credibility for your brand.

You can also tailor information on the availability of dine-in, takeaway, delivery services, new launches, vegan menu, festive offers, coupons, hours of operations etc., based on the customer’s location on Google My Business (GMB) Listings as well as the landing pages created by us to make their purchase journey hassle-free.

Facilitate Conversions

In the age of fast food and take out, where consumers have hundreds of options to choose from, they are now searching for their next meal by cuisine and food item (e.g. pizza delivery near me) rather than searching for restaurants directly. Our location level landing pages provide all the information high-intent customers may be looking to place orders online or to visit a restaurant near them . Post the pandemic, more and more customers are looking for drive-thru, take out and food delivery options near them. Capture and convert these customers by showcasing the available services near them and accelerate conversions for your restaurants.

Smart Integrations

Integrate your menu and specials on GMB listings and enable customers to have a quick view of your offerings and prices right up front.This reduces the number of steps in the consumer journey and hence, leads to quicker conversions.List our F&B specific attributes and services such as dine-in, takeaway, delivery, acceptable wallets and cards for payments, parking options, Wi-Fi availability etc.

You can also upload pictures and videos of your restaurants and enlist all the covid-19 protocols being followed by the restaurant to maintain hygiene, sanitization stands. Promote “Book a Reservation” option to ensure social distancing is followed.

Scope of Services:

  • Establish your digital presence on a vast publisher network and reach your potential customers on all relevant search, maps, and social platforms they might be looking for you.
  • Update accurate information about opening and closing business hours, weekly offers in real-time at a location level and maintain brand consistency at a brand level.
  • Use our easy to use dashboard to get a complete view of all your listings and get location level insights to take informed decisions
  • Use our automated templates to respond to reviews you receive across multiple locations through our centralized dashboard.
  • Have complete control over your brand by managing with the help of user management options.

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Amplify Reach. Leverage Multiple Touchpoints. Maximise Store Visits

There has been a 50%* increase in “near me” searches for a specific store and we have made it possible for retailers to be able to amplify their online presence through our platform and reach more shoppers, whether they are searching for groceries, apparel, salons, or even furniture stores nearby. With a strong online presence that's synchronized across all digital channels, you can now differentiate your brand in an increasingly competitive market and engage with your customers at every touchpoint in the consumer journey.

Optimize Your Store’s Presence Online to Increase Conversions Offline!

Be present everywhere shoppers may be looking for you. Today’s savvy consumers demand relevant brand information to be readily available to them at all times. Over 65%* retail shoppers turn to search as the most commonly used pre-purchase touchpoint.More often than not, they do not have a specific brand or product in mind while making their search.

Our platform enables you to ensure that the information about your retail stores such as hours of operation, phone numbers, live status of the store (open or closed), or even updates related to Covid-19 protocols are updated and accurate across all your business locations at all times through a centralized dashboard on a vast publisher network including Google, Google Maps, Bing, Foursquare, Yalwa and more.

Engage with Shoppers at Multiple Touchpoints

The journey of your potential consumers begins with search. Whether it’s a consumer calling to ask if your grocery store is open, or someone looking for accurate directions to your furniture store or a customer wanting to connect with your salon nearby via text to book an appointment – be omnipresent at all touchpoints and ensure your retail stores big or small get discoverable and rank higher on search.

Listen to what customers are saying about your brand, monitor and respond to them in real-time. Consumers today trust reviews as much as personal recommendations, hence engaging them with genuine conversations allows brands to build credibility with them. Ensure that no feedback goes unanswered and respond to every review across locations through our easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard. Keep complete control of your online reputation at a brand level.

Increase high intent footfalls to your stores

In 2020, APAC saw 40 million new internet users, meaning over 70% of the population is now online*. The modern day shoppers enjoy access to information at their fingertips, seamless checkouts and the ability to search across a wide range of products and branches. Hence, brands need to make the consumers’ in-store path to purchasing easier, more informative and seamless. The Singleinterface platform converts potential shoppers looking for information online, into in-store customers by creating location level landing pages for all your retail store that help in boosting your physical business location rankings on search. From local events, promotional offers, product listings, in-stock information, clearance discounts to new launches – provide location specific information that is relevant to the specific target audience through our content-rich location pages and provide a seamless experience to the customers throughout their purchase journey.

Smart Integrations

Stay relevant on multiple touch points such as search, maps, and social platforms and have complete control over the digital presence of your multi-location retail outlets.Shoppers tend to switch brands due to lack of information on the availability of products both in-store and online. Now upload live inventory on your GMB account for your retail store and inform customers about the available products in the size, color, quantity they might be looking for.

The modern customers like to shop and engage with brands on their terms, with a flexible and self directed experience. Use our chatbots to answer queries of shoppers on the go and provide them with all the information they are looking for in real-time.

Scope of Services

  • Have greater control of your online brand presence and ensure consumers continue to find positive experiences all across the digital space using our location management system.
  • Create location-specific pages that are rich in content, tags, schema markups etc. that ensures that Google indexes all relevant information and improves discoverability on search.
  • Gain actionable insights through our dashboard to create a frictionless online to offline shopping experience for customers in buying mode.
  • Optimize your online reputation by monitoring and responding to customer reviews through a centralized platform. Showcase inventory at location level to enable a true omnichannel experience using our tools, Google Merchant Centre & location pages.

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Healthcare Industry

Get Discovered. Increase Engagement. Create an Impact.

Healthcare is witnessing an important shift in consumer behavior with people searching for “ Hospital care near me”, “Covid Testing centres near me”, “Pharmacy near me”.Local convenience is the key to stay ahead and drive customers to your services. A comprehensive digital presence can help people in need and prospective patients to feel more confident while booking the appointment, availing your service or buying a product from you.

It is time to check if your hospital, healthcare organization, medical practice, or clinic is getting found in those local search results?

Improve Visibility and Discoverability.

A step-by-step process ensures that your organization's listings are submitted in the top online directories, maps & search engines. This makes sure that your business locations are visible with accurate contact information, category details, description of product or services offered, images (which most accurately represent your business)to the customers who are researching healthcare related information.

Today, a large portion of these customers 77%* are researching healthcare related information on search prior to booking an appointment. This number is continuously growing and no business in the healthcare industry can ignore this rise in digital dependence. Our proprietary data distribution & optimization engine ensures that your locations start showing up in the search results when the customer uses a relevant search term across Google, Facebook and other navigation services and platforms.

What's more, your listings will help you regulate visitors and manage queues, reducing the wait times by enabling appointment scheduling from your location level digital assets.

With the movement of your customers to digital for their healthcare needs, you can’t afford to miss out on being present in the moments when your customers need you the most.

All the information - easily accessible & actionable.

84%* Patients use both online and offline sources for hospital research so why not let your Google My Business Listings, location pages, chat bots , IVR bases telephonic facilities readily answer customer queries around Covid-19, visiting hours, availability of doctors or rooms to reduce inflow of patients.

Easy to update and accelerate information flow across all online information pages with opening hours, contact channels,book an appointment, get directions and also regulations pertaining to covid pandemic across multiple locations from a central console. Be it hospitals, doctor clinics, pharmacies or a laboratory all it takes is just a click to update & manage all location level information to be updated in real time across the digital ecosystem through our platform.

Build integrity and trust

74%^ customers prefer to return to businesses who address their queries / complaints. So don't shy away in responding to each and every customer review. Get a consolidated and easy to understand representation of your customer reviews. Let ourAI engine show you the complete picture by understanding the customer sentiments, providing you with crucial cues on opportunities to serve them better. Take actions on patient’s insights to strengthen loyalty towards your business by responding to patients and encourage them to share feedback for others to build trust in your business.

Smart integrations

Integrate your internal customer data platforms with our smart, highly modular and secure platform specially curated for Healthcare.

Display location specific list of doctors on search results page, doctor’s detail page in the manner that is set by admin and respective data from their profile such as availability or appointments time slots.

Integrations are also possible for managing resources such as general/oxygen enabled rooms, Covid vaccines slots, and medicine availability on your location pages which would help you to manage user walkins and ensure less crowded waiting areas to strengthen your fight against coronavirus. These integrations can also help you deliver a great omnichannel experience to your customers as they transition from online to offline.

Scope of services

  • Healthcare specific tailored solution to relay updated and real time information in Covid Pandemic and having updated information and parity across all locations.
  • Enable location specific and real time update of information,keywords, videos, images and posts in national or regional language.
  • Enjoy widest coverage across all relevant search engines,directories and navigation services as Google, Facebook, Bing,Maps and many more.
  • Build trust and streamline your online reputation with our AI driven review management system.
  • Single dashboard for enterprise healthcare professionals to manage all their locations from a single source.
  • Advanced user management with authority and rights mapping.

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Consumer Durables

Reach out. Engage. Convert

The lines between online and offline are blurring as consumers are looking for a seamless experience and are better-informed, thanks to ample availability of information on the internet. 50%* growth in searches for “store near me'' shows that the majority of users now engage online before they finalize and walk to the showroom to buy the product.

We understand the challenges your retail locations face when consumers can order any product with just a click of a button. How do you then ensure that you are able to stand out in the crowded marketplace which does not only include competition from local shops but also from e-commerce platforms? How can your physical stores reap the benefits of the consumers increasing dependence on digital channels ? How can they be present during these shopping micro-moments when people have a need or desire to purchase a product and they begin their journey online?

Delight Customers and Drive Revenue

85%^ of shoppers don’t always have a specific product in mind when they search the category they’re interested in and it is this time when as a brand you can stand out in the noisy world. Our proprietary data distribution & optimization engine ensures that your locations start showing up in the search results when the customer uses a relevant search term across Google, Facebook, voice assistants, navigation services and platforms.

Through our automated & integrated local cloud’s control centre, SingleInterface ensures every location is consistent across the digital ecosystem with accurate information. We do this . by verifying, sanitising & augmenting your data which is then published across our publisher network., This helps in building awareness amongst your location’s prospective customers by showing them relevant content which truly represents your business. Integrating immediate response call to actions such as “ Call now”, “Buy now” or “Chat with the store” builds a layer of convenience which, due to coronavirus, has emerged as a critical step in the customer journey.

Build consideration and trust currency.

76% #of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day and 56%** read reviews before making a purchase. They spend their time researching the next air conditioner, fridge, or washing machine that they intend to buy.

Harness the power of sentiment analysis and enjoy a single view of all your reviews with our direct integration with Google My Business Reviews platform. Acknowledge happy customers, address negative feedback, analyze and engage productively to answer queries around products, features to build trust even before the customer steps into the store. Zoom in or out to specific regions or dealers to see the state of your ratings and learn where to focus your attention.

With our user based access, your dealers can also get access to their store’s reviews & ratings from an online dashboard or a mobile app.

High Purchase Intent, High conversion

We enable hyperlocal commerce enabled through local product catalogue & inventory Integration. We create highly optimized local pages which rank high in SERP to allow you to showcase products, models, prices, offers, and inventory all at a go. You can track the complete funnel from searches to leads to purchase and provide your customers -Buy Online Pickup In-store(BOPIS) experience.

Our award-winning hyperlocal paid marketing platform “Spotlight” takes quick actions to cash in the high intent micro-moments as seasonality or a new product launch. Create, manage & report highly targeted hyperlocal campaigns on Google & Facebook networks to facilitate instant call and transfer leads in real-time to drive sales.

Our proprietary tool - Smart Landing Pages configured as per different products or promotions integrating various call to actions helps significantly in conversion rate optimization ( CRO ). Create Multiple dynamic landing pages for each of your dealerships and reduce your Cost per Lead ( CPLs ) and Cost per Transaction ( CPT ) to improve your ROI.

Smart integrations

Integrate with our highly secure and modular system to maintain a consistent brand image at scale and a top-class Phygital experience that makes your brand shine.

Enjoy real-time integration with your Google Merchant Centre feed, Lead management systems, and CRM for leads and calls across infinite products, inventory, and variations. Give your consumer the in-store experience when he is in “Buying mode” from his comfort zone, reduce lag time, increase your sales and ROI. Once your inventory is integrated at a location level, use the feed to power Local Inventory Ads ( LIA ) on Google.

Explore new opportunities as integrating and assisting customers to shop through Whatsapp/ Chatbots/ IVR or give them a virtual tour of your services* all at a go from a SingleInterface.

Scope of services

  • Specifically created module for Consumer Durables to ensure brand parity and updated information across each and every dealer at a local level.
  • Easy to manage, analyze and create unique buying options in regional languages across products during new launches, sales, or seasonal offers.
  • Enjoy the widest coverage across all relevant search engines, directories, and navigation services as Google, Facebook, Bing, Maps, and many more.
  • Build trust and streamline your online reputation with our AI-driven review management system.
  • Flexible workflows support the processes and controls of your business so you can give users/dealers/ franchisees as much or as little access to respond to customers as you’d like.

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